“Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse V7 Review”

Needless to say, I quite enjoyed my experience with this mouse. I'll begin with the first thing you'll notice when you take a look at the Gun3: the appearance. There is no doubting that this is a sharp looking peripheral: Sleek, matte black surface with red highlights. It is without a doubt a "Gamer" mouse. When I plugged it in, I found the glowing LED on the palm-rest to be a nice touch as well. …
  • “A4tech Ultra Core 3 Gun 3 Gaming mouse”

    Without delving into the minutia of setting up the Macros, everything worked perfectly fine. I’m not sure if it made me a better gamer or not, but it did make life a little easier and had a better response rate than my standard mouse. Again, the comfort level of the mouse may have helped more than the software enhancements …
  • “A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse review”

    Overall, the A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse seems like a solid piece of kit with some interesting features. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the idea of paid DLC for peripherals, but the device is still pretty nice for the price even without the extra features. Actually, when I compare it to the last gaming mouse I reviewed, I’d say this thing is a steal. …
  • "A4TECH introduces mice without holes [Product Review]"

    What gamers should enjoy is the precision, and computer enthusiasts overall should appreciate the comfortable design, size and look of the mouse, which takes its red accents all the way through the kevlar-style cord. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a higher end mouse, and the extra buttons, whether used or not, really don’t get in the way of using the mouse for everyday tasks. - See more at: …
  • ”(Peripheral Review) A4Tech's Bloody Ultra Core 3 Gaming Mouse“

    Users get a highly customizable, comfortable, and attractive mouse. It stood up to rigorous testing in both productivity and gaming environments, and it will remain in use after this review is posted. …
  • A4Tech Bloody v7 cheats its way to stylish victory

    The Bloody v7 also features both matte and gloss finish on the mouse, which combines both comfort and style. Build and comfort-wise, the mouse is wonderful. Like I've previously stated, the concave sides allow all of your fingers to have a designated place on the mouse, and the matte and gloss combination make the mouse not only look great, but feel good on your fingers, too. I can easily recommend this mouse on the build alone. …
  • “Review: A4Tech Multi-Core GUN 3 Gaming Mouse”

    The mouse is very comfortable and has a nice form factor. It actually has an indentation on the right side for your ring-finger. …
  • ”Bloody Ultra Core 3 A4TECH Gaming Mouse: FTG Review“

    The box is impressive, even coming with a pack of three replacement mouse feet while having the same uparmored functionality of more expensive gaming mice …